We saw a lot of marriage proposals on social media over the holidays and Valentine's Day. What many people don't realize is that many women are jumping in on a new marital trend that has several folks saying "no way". Women are starting to get down on one knee and popping the big question.

A 2018 report from Pinterest discovered that a large number of people are now searching for “women proposing to men ideas”. The number is so high that it skyrocketed 336% from the year before. That's a lot of women trying to find a unique way to pop the question.

Michelle Frankel who is a professional matchmaker explained to KLFY 10 that this newfound trend is all about gender equality. She said “If a woman wants something she goes after it in the workplace. She wants to live her life with a man, why wouldn’t she choose to go after that and propose?”

Ladies, would you propose to your significant other? Men, would you accept the proposal?

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