WARNING: DO NOT PLAY THE FOLLOWING SONG IF YOU WANT YOUR FACE ROCKED OFF!  Just wanted to let you know upfront that the first track from Eddie Vedder's upcoming solo album (reportedly called "Uke Songs") ain't no "Even Flow". Not even close.  More like the stuff he did for the "Into The Wild" soundtrack.  But that's not a bad thing - I for one am a fan of Eddie's introspective side.  And believe me, this is over the top introspective! Wait a minute!  I get it now!  "Uke Songs"...as in ukulele, maybe?  Anyway, I digress...Eddie's new song "Longing to Belong" - suck it down! (BTW...Eddie's new album is due in June)

Not your cup o' tea? Maybe you'd prefer a rare track from Pearl Jam instead?