This fall, a new law takes effect in Texas that will offer citizens a wide variety of implements to choose from for personal protection.  Governor Abbot has now signed House Bill 466 into law, and the new rules will take effect September 1st.  The new guidelines will allow citizens to openly carry personal defense weapons including brass knuckles, clubs, and key chains designed to help you fend off an attacker.

This was, by far, the easiest choice the Texas government has made since they decided to let Mexican food in.  Newsweek is reporting that the bill garnered unanimous support and votes in the House of Representatives and the Senate before being signed into law by Abbot who may or may not have been wearing a knuckle duster with a lone star made of diamonds in it at the time.

Just to be clear, it is now legal to openly carry knives (including switchblades), guns, clubs, and brass knuckles throughout the entire state.  I'm not sure when my home state turned into a biker bar, but make sure you mind your manners in Texas.

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