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Sometimes, the stories just write themselves. Who could have ever thought that a swingers convention would be a good idea during a pandemic? Apparently someone did, thus the Naughty in N'alwins event for swingers in the aptly nicknamed 'Big Easy' took place in New Orleans last month.

You might ask, 'What is a swinger?' I'm so glad you did! I turned to UrbanDictionary.com for the most colorful explanation I could find and they didn't disappoint describing a swinger as someone who, 'dates/sleeps with multiple people at the same time.' Urban Dictionary explains the term further saying that a swinger can be either single or a part of a couple, married or not and continued saying, 'They have a sexually free spirit. Couples tend to be in love with each other, and only "share" each other sexually with others. Sometimes this means "swapping wives" sometimes it means "group sex". Single swingers generally despise the dating process and would rather meet at swinger gatherings where it is acceptable and in some cases expected that sex can/will occur on the spot with whomever they meet and feel attracted to.'

This is some spicy stuff and I'd hazard a guess that it's probably not considered an activity that would involve safe social distancing or masking as recommended by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards or New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. To make it even more interesting, according to my research, Naughty in N'awlins is considered the largest 'lifestyle' convention in the world. Only in New Orleans...

So what happened? Apparently, after the event was postponed this summer, the multi-day event was rescheduled to begin November 11, 2020, at the NOPSI Hotel in downtown New Orleans. And in case you were wondering, no, they didn't have a permit and from what we've been able to find, anywhere from approximately 250-300 people were in attendance. Since then, 41 of those attendees have tested positive for COVID-19, despite organizers saying they were, 'as safe as possible.' Keep in mind, that's just the 41 people who admit that they've tested positive. There could be more... a lot more.

The kicker? Organizers are already promoting next year's event for the low, low price of $699 per couple. Geesh.

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