Jeffrey Max and Zach Johnson had a dream: to remake the original RoboCop's rape prevention scene with not one d--- being shot, but 20. And thanks to "Our RoboCop Remake," a crowdsourced re-imagining of the classic 1987 action flick featuring 55 different directors each tackling a different scene, they got their chance.

RoboCop's graphic "rape prevention" scene was the focus for Max and Johnson of Fatal Farm.

In the original scene, RoboCop (played by Peter Weller) encounters two men who are sexually assaulting a woman. To end the assault, RoboCop shoots through the woman's dress -- missing her, but hitting the assailant in his penis. RoboCop then offers one of the best one-liners of the movie: "Your move, creep."

Max and Johnson took the scene's violence factor and multiplied it by 20.

"For some reason, the best scene in the movie...was still up for grabs, and that was the rape prevention scene," explained Johnson. "Graphic violence goes over well, someone's getting shot in the d---, what's more violent than getting shot in the d---? Getting shot in 20 d---s."

Skip to 2:00 below to watch a censored version of the scene. If you're feeling very, very brave, here's the uncensored -- and extremely NSFW -- version. (Seriously, it's 20 fake d---s being shot to pieces. It may very well make you vomit.)

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