Officials with the Department of Homeland Security and the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Task Force have made a major score.  During the execution of a search warrant using K-9 units trained in drug detection, officers found a whopping $1 million plus stash of marijuana and marijuana-based products in Shreveport.

On Monday, agents conducting an ongoing investigation seized the drugs in the Broadmoor neighborhood.  At a house on Katy street, law enforcement found the mother lode of pot and concoctions secreted away in a shipping container stored in a way that is consistent with an attempt to avoid detection.  Those methods were no match for K-9 officer Migo who led authorities to the hidden contraband.

According to the Ark-La-Tex Homepage, DHS and task force members found:

...1,909 grams of THC vaping cartridges, 56 ounces of Codeine syrup, approximately 50 pounds of high-grade marijuana and 2,500 grams of pre-rolled marijuana blunts, 24.3 pounds of THC wax, 228 grams of THC edible gummy candies, and 2910 grams of GLO extract THC oil."

Arrests in connection with the find are expected soon as the investigation continues.

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