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If you've ever had hopes or dreams of owning your own night club, well here's your chance. The former Wild Orchid Cabaret in Bossier City is for sale and it could be yours for the low, low price of $350,000!

I just happened to be driving down East Texas Street in Bossier the other day and noticed a 'For Sale' sign in front of the Wild Orchid. So, me being curious, I just HAD to look up how much a nightclub in Bossier costs. And, honestly, $350k doesn't seem that bad.

It's a good location, was recently remodeled and is pretty much good to go. If you're a fan of scantily clad women, you can leave it pretty much as is. Or, as the real estate listing put it, the building could be anything you want it to be: "This property could be used for another nightclub, or possibly a daycare, office or retail space." (Although, if you plan on turning it into a daycare, you might want to invest into a top of the cleaning)

The listing also noted that "all of the furnishings, lighting, security system, inventory (licensing) may also be available". So, for a few thousand more, you can be living out your very own party rock fantasies.

If you're interested in purchasing the 4,000 square foot night club, you can find all the details you need here. If you do actually buy the club and need a DJ, you can find Jay Whatley on Twitter.


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