As many of you know, I'm originally from Baltimore, Maryland. And there truly are some awesome things that happen in and around the city. It's the birthplace and long time to home to some of the biggest names in the Universe: Babe Ruth, Frank Zappa, Tupac, David Byrne, John Waters, etc.. We got some great sports franchises in the Ravens and Orioles. I love my former home.

But, with that being said, Baltimore has some no so good things. In fact, I just saw on YouTube a video of two prostitutes fighting over a street corner from my old neighborhood in Dundalk.

And just to give a bit of perspective, I use to live two blocks where this video was taken. And at the very end when the guys camera pans to the left, you'll see a flash of a convenient store. I worked there from 8th grade till I graduated high school.

You're probably wondering why I'm pointing this out...well, I do have a point. I always hear people complain about how dirty and disgusting Shreveport is. How it is such a terrible place, etc, etc, etc.. Well, guess what kids, it isn't that bad.

This is where I grew up. This is what I saw on a daily basis. This was my reality. And, quite frankly, this is MILD compared to some of the things I saw growing up! Comparatively, Shreveport is the cleanest city on earth. So, next to you see a homeless guy on the corner and think 'GOD! This place is SOOOOOO terrible', just remember, it's not that bad.

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