Soon you may be seeing less people on street corners holding up signs that say, "Need Money. Please Help."  Bossier City is considering an ordinance that will bar panhandling on a number of busy streets.  The problem is especially pronounced on Airline Drive and Beene Boulevard where pedestrians actually take turns in shifts begging for money. Police say that not only is it a nuisance, but it poses a safety hazard, as well.  The proposed consequence for violation of the law is a $500 fine, 60 days in jail, or both.

A total of 12 streets would come under the new ordinance:

  • Airline Drive 3105
  • Barksdale Boulevard
  • Benton Road (Highway 3)
  • East Texas (Highway 80)
  • Highway 71
  • Horseshoe Boulevard
  • Industrial Drive
  • Margaritaville Way
  • Old Minden Road
  • Riverside Drive
  • Swan Lake Road
  • Traffic Street

In addition, Bossier City Police say there has been an alarming increase in aggressive, personal solicitation of people in store parking lots. There is a separate ordinance proposed to combat this tactic with the same consequences as the panhandling measure.

The Bossier City city council will vote on the measures at its next regular meeting.



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