Yep, Nikolas Cruz, the parkland shooter has fans, according to USA Today. It's insane to think that this monster has a following of fans who are not only sending him money, but also gifts and provocative pictures.There is even a girl from Texas writing love letters to him.

USA Today reports that  hundreds of pages of photocopies of letters and photos sent to Cruz have been obtained.

This isn't anything new. Look at Ted Bundy and Charles Manson- both had a huge following of fans and even women professing their love for the murderers. Charles Manson even received marriage proposals from several women.

Cruz is unable to access this fan mail because he is currently under suicide watch. Jail officials have opened the majority of his mail.

I have always read about serial killers getting fame after they commit their crimes, but I guess seeing this happen to someone in my lifetime is just too strange for words.

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