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They say that "a picture is worth a thousand words."

So, when you see a picture like this, what are those thousand words? Care to venture a "Guess?"

  • You only had one job
  • Okay, we give. Who's parking spot is it?
  • Is it bigger than a bread box?
  • Animal, vegetable or mineral?

My cousin, Trey Mitchell, lives in Nashville and works for Singer, a pretty big facility there in Music City.

The company had contracted some people to come restripe their parking lot Friday and when Trey stepped outside the building, this is what he saw.

From his picture, I can't tell exactly how many of these parking spots they incorrectly painted, but I'm going to "Guess" it was at least ten. It appears they just kept making the mistake over and over and over again.

Course the thing that gets me the most is that this had to have been overlooked by more than one person right? Someone had to write what would go onto the stencil. Someone else surely had to look that over and okay it and then cut out the stencil. And finally, someone had to paint it. Over and over and over again.

I'm just "guessing" they are going to have to get a really big can of white out to fix this mistake or they'll never get paid for the work.

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