This Past Weekend Was Horrid for Travelers All Over the Country.

I had heard about memorial day struggles when it came to flying out. Thousands of flights were delayed or canceled and we were hearing that it had to do a crazy uptick in summer. According to CBS, over 7,000 flights were canceled over the Memorial Day weekend in 2022. I remember thinking "Hopefully I don't struggle with that issue when I travel."

This Past Weekend Was Horrendous for Several of Us Flying.

I had a flight scheduled for 4:00 p.m. out of Dallas Love Field and at first, everything seemed fine, however, it wasn't long before I started getting delayed alerts. Both my sister and I were planning to meet at the San Fransisco airport so we purposefully got flights that would land around the same time. I kept getting delay alerts and my sister ended up waiting for me for a couple of hours. I ruined our dinner reservations and thought well it can't get worse than this. I was wrong.

My Friend Ended Up Having to Sleep at the Airport.

Our other friend was supposed to land in San Fransisco at 12:30 a.m. He flew out of Shreveport Regional Airport and got to DFW on time. Once he had boarded the plane at DFW he said they waited for an hour before they were all told to get off the plane. The flight attendants told them that the pilots didn't show up. So there he was at 10:30 p.m. with hundreds of other people waiting to get to the customer service counter. Of course, American Airlines shut down the line when he was 5 people away. 20 hours later he was able to make it to California.

Airlines Cancel Thousands Of Flights As Omicron Cases Surge
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Why Is It So Chaotic to Travel Right Now?

The flight demand is unlike anything we have ever seen and there is a shortage of pilots. pilot unions are demanding higher pay in contract negotiations. The frustrations are so high that many pilots have decided to protest, the latest protest was on Tuesday in Dallas.

What is crazy is I saw several of the uniformed pilots show up at Dallas Love Field for the big strike on Tuesday. I noticed several pilots on my flight, my flight was from SFO to DAL. I thought it odd, but had no idea what was going on up until I saw the news about Southwest Airlines pilots staging the protest.

According to USA Today, the Southwest Airlines pilots picketed at the Dallas airport to protest the lack of progress on a new contract. The airline unions are asking for "sizable wage increases".

If you plan to travel via airplane, get ready for chaos like me and my friends experienced.

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