The illustrious pinball game marked a very specific time.  While video games were still working out their bugs, the master of the arcade was the guy or gal that could conquer the flashing lights and complicated scoring systems of the pinball game.  These things are works of art, like an insanely over-engineered clock had a baby with a 3-ring circus - and that baby eats all of your quarters.  Unfortunately, ultra-powerful (and possibly addictive) arcade-style video games, and the eventual rise of the home gaming console spelled doom for the future of these magnificent machines.

Luckily, you can still experience the magic and majesty of the pinball life starting October the 24th at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum on Greenwood Road in Shreveport.  The museum's “Pinball – An American Game Experience,” exhibit will allow you to step back to a time when these games reigned supreme.  You'll get the chance to check out the history and mechanics of these marvels, but that's not all.  These exhibits are hands-on. There's no other way to experience the magic of being a pinball wizard than to man the flippers and yank back on the plunger yourself.

Children under the age of 17 will have to have adult supervision - children over the age of 17 are free to be a kid again all by themselves.  A majority of the machines are ready for you to play for free, but throw a couple of quarters in your pocket for old times sake.

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