The fight rages on between the biggest chicken sandwich peddlers out there after Popeye's launched a new chicken sandwich. Barbs have been thrown since customers started weighing in on who had the best.

We put the self-proclaimed "Original Chicken Sandwich" from Chick Fil-A to the test; setting up a crispy battle with the "new kid on the block" original chicken sandwich from Popeye's. I set them down in front of two experts in food of the "fast" nature: KTDY's JayCee and JoBo from HOT 107.9. The final outcome: (spoiler alert) you just like what you like.

Social media has weighed in and I think the Popeye's devotees really like the new chicken sandwich. I, on the other hand, like the comfort of Chick Fil-A. (And one of the restaurants told me it was "their pleasure" to serve me. That did not factor into the very unscientific sandwich scoring.)

The Wendy herself weighed in.

Happy Eating, Acadiana!

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