How could we have missed such a joyous occasion? National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day was on Monday and not one of our favorite fried chicken sandwich suppliers told us. Popeyes isn't going to let a big event like "National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day" pass us by without some type of celebration.

We have from now until Sunday (the day Chic-Fil-A doesn't open), November 15th, you can score a free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich with any mobile or online order. The only requirement is that the order has to be over $10. So in short spend $10, get a free chicken sandwich.

Popeyes Twitter
Popeyes Twitter

This time last year many of us were struggling to score a classic or spicy chicken sandwich. I remember standing in a ridiculously long line just to get my hands on ONE spicy chicken sandwich. I will say, the 45 minutes spent in line were worth it. The Chicken Sandwich is second to none, just imagine a perfectly toasted and buttered brioche bun with a thickly seasoned chicken breast fillet, pickles, and spicy mayo.

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