Following his reelection Tuesday night, President Barack Obama spoke to a small group of people thanking them for their support. In the middle of the speech, he got a little choked up and shed a couple tears. It showed that the POTUS is, yes, still human. Better still, it got us thinking: what else makes Barack Obama cry?

Check out some pictures of the president crying in unlikely places. For you creative types, we've also included the cutout of Sensitive Obama that we used here at the end of this post. Make sure to share your own creations with us via the form below so we can add them!

Justin Bieber can make young girls cry just by singing. Apparently, that magic can also affect the POTUS.

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President Obama can't watch the love story of Jack and Rose in "Titanic" without getting a little misty-eyed.


President Obama got choked up when the Alabama Crimson Tide snatched victory away from the LSU Tigers earlier this month.

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Who doesn't cry when Bambi's mom dies? Not Barack Obama.


When former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu was arrested for possession of marijuana, it broke fans' hearts. It broke Obama's, too.


President Obama does his best 'Crying Dawson' impression. We think the original is better.


Obama is doing an impersonation of us after reading the line below him.

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Who doesn't cry at these commercials?!

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Want to make your own "Sensitive Obama" meme? Here's the image: