Great news for perverts in Pittsburgh who want to get some street squish but are strapped for cash. The hookers there will be more than happy to exchange their services for that $25 Olive Garden gift card grandma gave you for your birthday.According to the Pittsburgh police, they've found that the hookers who work near the airport are being arrested with just a little cash . . . and a whole bunch of GIFT CARDS.Now, most of these AREN'T gift cards to Applebee's or Best Buy. Generally, they're those prepaid Visa or American Express gift cards you can get at the grocery store or 7-Eleven. But at least SOME of them are gift cards to real restaurants and stores.So why are the prostitutes working for gift cards instead of cash? Leo McCarthy is the chief of the Moon Township, Pennsylvania police. And he thinks it's a move by the hookers to try to keep their profits from being seized when they get busted. When the police bust a prostitute, their cash is seized as an illegal wage. A gift card is more of a gray area. Quote, "You automatically believe cash is an ill-gotten gain. But if you see a couple of gift cards, you might not think twice." And apparently gift cards are becoming more and more popular with criminals as a way to launder money . . . by buying gift cards they can instantly hide a money trail and make it difficult to track down where the money really came from.

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