A couple of times a week I just want to share some of the great rock I'm jamming out to. Some of it is new, some is old, but all of it killer. Right now in my playlist I've got the heavy, the hot, and the SAD because I'm really digging As I Lay Dying, Crucified Barbara, and Signum AD.

As I Lay Dying just released their new album Awakened, and it is exactly what you expect from these guys: hard, fast, and heavy. In fact, I'd venture to say that it may be their most powerful album yet. If you're a fan of metal, you need to pick up this album immediately.

Crucified Barbara is a band you can't help but love. They are a bunch of hot chicks from Sweden who can rock their imaginary nuts off! Unlike most all girl bands, these girls are just as dirty and sleazy as the boys.

And finally, Signum AD. The lead singer, Sammy, used to be in one of our favorite local bands, Karma Protocol, and his new band is no slouch either. Their latest EP, Veto the Vultures Vol. I, is awesome. And what's more impressive, is they paid for it, produced it, and released it all on their own (with a little help from their fans). So, if you were a fan of Karma Protocol or just dig killer rock and roll, make sure you check these guys out.

Stay tuned for more bands and music to check out. And if you have any suggestions about something I should be listening to, hit me up, at PuffOn99X@gmail.com!

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