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The Mia Foundation has gone viral this week. And when you see the pictures featured on their Facebook page, you'll understand why. In fact, if you don't oooh and ahhh, you probably didn't cry when Old Yeller died.

This has got to be the cutest thing EVER on the internet. See, the Mia Foundation is a nonprofit animal shelter in New York that helps animals with special needs. And a couple of their guests have become mega-celebrities of late.

Lundy is a little bitty chihuahua who's only eight weeks old and he's bonded with Herman, the pigeon who can't fly. Last week, when the staff put the two of them together, it was love at first sight. Obviously, it's a bro-mance, but the two of them play and cuddle. I'm not sure if Lundy thinks he's a pigeon or Herman thinks he's a dog, but either way, these two appear to be buds for life!

Well, photos on The Mia Foundation's Facebook page have sucked in over six million views and have helped to generate over $6,000 in much needed donations in just the first two days.

Just take a look.... Oh and if you're on company time, try to hold back your ooooh and ahhh so you don't get into trouble. But rest assured, it's going to be hard to do.

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