Early this morning we launched a full-scale investigation into the origins of a random, dirty sock found this morning in our hallway.

Every single day I come to work at about 9:00 AM, not ever truly knowing what to expect. Some days it's impromptu crawfish eating contests, other days I find out that corporate is in town and I instantly regret wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Today, though, it was something very unique, and something the entire building was buzzing about. Generally, I'm one of if not the last person to leave the studio. When I left last night, the hallways were spotless and all was right in the world. However, when I came in this morning, there was something afoot.... Literally.

This morning, the building was shocked to find a slightly dirty, white sock randomly laying in the hallway.

Instantly, every one wanted to know just how this sock found it's way to our studio halls, and I knew I was the man for the job.


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