Here in Shreveport we have a collection of characters. Today, I'm ranking our most famous non-famous citizens.

To be clear, I'm only going to be ranking well-known Shreveport, who are not technically celebrities, although we have quite a few of those to choose from. So here, no actors, singers, media members, ect. Only well-known citizens who are well known around town simply by being themselves....

Here's my ranking of Shreveport's most famous non-famous people!



  • 1

    Mickey the Hot Dog Man

    I don't care who you are... If you're in Shreveport, you know Mickey the Hot Dog Man. The legend has been slinging wieners in downtown Shreveport for decades, and the only thing better than his tasty hot dogs, is that warm smile he gives every single costumer.

  • 2

    Pepito from Superior

    The most popular waiter and the cities most popular restaurant? Hard to beat that. No one can resist smiling from ear-to-ear anytime their around Pepito... I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Pepito is the very best.

  • 3

    Dennis the Mall Walker

    For those who have grown up in Shreveport-Bossier, you've no doubt seen this kind man hundreds of times. He's been walking area malls since I was born, and probably a little longer than that. I first saw him walking at South Park Mall when I was little. These days, he walks Mall St. Vincent on a daily basis.

  • 4

    Old Man Johnny

    If you go out and about in downtown Shreveport on the weekends, you will definitely run into Old Man Johnny. This legend has to be pushing 80 years old, and he never misses a party. To this day, you can find him at area nightclubs and bars, dancing and howling the night away. You know him, the man with the cane that looks like a candy cane.

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