If you thought that the sweeping ransomware attacks on school system computers in Louisiana was over, you couldn't be more wrong.  Not only are the paralyzing attacks continuing, other states are now reporting similar attacks.

Texas is the latest to report hackers have infiltrated the computer systems of several school districts across the state.  According to CNet, 23 entities were taken down over the weekend sending specialists from several agencies in to action.  Computer experts employed by the state worked feverishly through the weekend to restore systems in several small communities hit hardest by the tech crooks.

The type of attack used in these cases is called "ransomware." According to the experts:

Ransomware is malicious software that can lock up your files until you send hackers a ransom payment."

So far the investigation has determined that the latest round of attacks came from a single source, although investigators have declined to say anymore - including the names of the towns and specific systems affected at this time.

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