If you were looking for a sign in the night sky this month, don't search the heavens for the brightest star over Bethlehem (that was 2000+ years ago).  Instead, cast your gaze upon another astral anomaly - the "Cold Moon."

The cold moon in and of itself is simply the last full moon of the year.  We get one a month (sometimes two in a month, also known as a blue moon), but the timing of the December's is uncanny.  The 2019 cold moon will occur on Thursday just 12 minutes after midnight.  That means the last full moon of the decade officially rises on 12/12 at 12:12 a.m..  Now, I am more of a believer in science than I am in numerology (they are not the same thing, you are thinking of math) - but that's kind of hard to ignore.

If you have any extra special plans in December that need an easy to remember date and possibly a "heavens aligning" kind of vibe - it looks like early Thursday morning might be your best bet.

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