If You Love Oysters You Already Know That There Are So Many Options When It Comes to Oysters in Shreveport-Bossier.

If you live in Louisiana you probably love crawfish and oysters they just are some of our must-haves in Louisiana. Oysters are some of those delicacies from the sea that are prepared in so many unique ways around town. Unfortunately, it looks like we may have to order our oysters grilled or baked around town.

 The Centers for Disease Control Is Warning Oyster Lovers About a Norovirus Outbreak Affecting Louisiana and Texas.

Officials claim that there are contaminated oysters that have been sold to retailers all over Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana, Mississippi. Why is this scary? Besides the fact that several contaminated oysters are all over Texas and Louisiana it's hard to find out which oysters are contaminated. Many oysters that are infected with norovirus can look and smell the same as oysters that are not infected.

Noam Galai, Stringer, Getty Images
Noam Galai, Stringer, Getty Images

Last Year An Oyster Bed in Galveston Bay Was Identified as Having Oysters That Were Contaminated.

The oyster bed in TX Area 1, Galveston Bay Texas is the only oyster bed that has been noted. Since then all of the oysters harvested from this area have been monitored. Since the oyster bed raised concerns it has been given the green light and producers are allowed to harvest in the area.

What Happens If You Eat an Oyster Affected By Norovirus?

Some common symptoms are Diarrhea, Vomiting, Nausea, and Stomach pain. According to the CDC, this virus spreads rapidly.

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