Okay, I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. There is one foolproof way to make me love a movie. No matter what else the movie is or isn’t, no matter what it does or doesn’t do, if it does this one thing, I have to love it. And here it is: A reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Last Action Hero.

And holy rubber baby buggy bumpers, guys, dig this screenshot from the new Ready Player One trailer. Look what’s playing on the movie theater in the OASIS: Jack Slater III, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

I don’t need to see the rest of the movie, it’s official: 10/10, would definitely put the poster for this movie on my dorm room wall if I wasn’t incredibly old.

The rest of the new Ready Player One has pretty of impressive other sights to ogle and Easter eggs to catch, including King Kong, the dinosaur from Jurassic Park (directed by some dude named [checks notes] Steven Spielberg?) I’m sure you can spot them all yourself and then leave me some note sin the comments below. Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

In the year 2045, people can escape their harsh reality in the OASIS, an immersive virtual world where you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone—the only limits are your own imagination. OASIS creator James Halliday left his immense fortune and control of the Oasis to the winner of a contest designed to find a worthy heir. When unlikely hero Wade Watts conquers the first challenge of the reality-bending treasure hunt, he and his friends—known as the High Five—are hurled into a fantastical universe of discovery and danger to save the OASIS and their world.

Ready Player One opens in theaters on March 29.

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