While the Red Hot Chili Peppers are taking some time off the road, they're still giving you a chance to get the Chili Peppers live experience.

The band has released a new digital live album from their Isle of Wight Festival appearance from June of 2014. The live 17-track set, recorded and mixed by Jason Gossman, is available here.

"But, wait," you say, "you said I could get a FREE E.P., not pay for a complete live show!"

Yes, I did say that, and you can...

On the same site where you can BUY the Ise of Wight live show (which was HERE, if you weren't paying attention), you can also download a live E.P. that features tracks from the RHCP's "I'm With You" tour. Drummer Chad Smith personally picked the five tracks on the E.P.:

"Breaking the Girl"
"Wet Sand"
"Power of Equality"
and "Strip My Mind"

If you just want the E.P. download, and don't want to even think about buying the IoW download, forget the website cited above, and just go here, instead.

Or to make it REALLY simple, let's do buttons. Our digital guy LOVES when we create buttons.