Ryan Gosling hates cereal, and he just doesn't want it.

At least that's what Vine user Ryan McHenry says.

In a series of five to six second videos, McHenry proves that Gosling just does not want the breakfast treat. In each video, a camera records a monitor displaying part of a Ryan Gosling movie or interview with someone holding a spoon full of cereal up to Gosling's mouth. Each time, the spoon is shunned, sometimes even physically. It really is a great bit, and Gosling himself had come out to say what a funny internet meme it was.

But that's not where the story ends.

In May of 2015, Ryan McHenry lost a battle with cancer at only 27 years old.

In a touching tribute, Ryan Gosling himself posted a video to McHenry's Vine page in which he, finally, eats his cereal.

Watch Ryan Gosling NOT eat his cereal in the video below, then watch as he tributes the man who created the internet sensation!

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