For years now, America's Got Talent has been my favorite TV show. You truly never know what you'll see next, and you absolutely can never judge a book by it's cover.

Well, AGT is back and they've already garnered attention for two unbelievable acts. First and foremost, a twelve-year-old ventriloquist, who is somehow as talented as she is adorable, did so well she earned the golden buzzer. You have to see her performance.

Then, a sad clown graced the stage. This clown is named Puddles, and his act is called "Puddle's Pity Party". Basically, he's completely silent and very sad.

Then, out of no where, this clown pulls out an unbelievable rendition of Sia's "Chandelier".

Of course he got through to the next round, and his act blew everyone in attendance and watching at home away.

Turns out, Puddles has made quite a name for himself online, with a huge (and now growing even larger) YouTube fanbase. That's sure to help him if he makes it to the voting rounds.

Check out his performance on AGT below, as well as a few more awesome videos from YouTube.






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