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The boys in Saliva are back on the road, and are heading to Bossier City.

Grammy-nominated Saliva will be live at Hurricane Alley in Bossier on Friday, April 22nd. They're bringing bands Sneezy and Saturate along with them for the show.

Saliva is one of the most successful nu-metal bands in history. They have Platinum and Gold selling status, a #1 release, and five Top 10 singles. Not to mention all of their commercial success on motion picture sound tracks, sporting events, TV shows, and pro wrestling promotions.

Songs like "Ladies and Gentlemen", "Click Click Boom", Rest in Pieces", and "Survival of the Sickest" still blast loudly at sporting events around the globe.

The show on Friday, April 22nd will be at Hurricane Alley, the new music venue in Bossier City's East Bank District. You can get more details on the show, and tickets here, but basically tickets are only $10 each, making this a low-dough show. They do suggest you get there early to secure a table, if you're into that kind of thing.

Saliva's history as a sports/wrestling band is actually pretty incredible. Their songs have been used not only to promote NFL and NHL games, but get played in arena's all over the globe during sporting events.

In the world of pro wrestling, Saliva is one of the biggest bands ever. They were even named the Best WWE Band Ever by Bleacher Report. Who made a pretty compelling argument.

Bleacher Report pointed out that Saliva has had songs used for pay-per-view promotion, TV shows, and as personal wrestler theme entrance music. Making them a Triple Crown band for WWE. They even performed live at one of the biggest Wrestlemania events ever, Wrestlemania X8...

Their song "I Walk Alone" became a massive success as the theme for pro wrestling legend Batista (you know, Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). They also had a song, "King of My World", used as an entrance theme by the legendary Chris Jericho.

After reading the case Bleacher Report made, there is no doubt, Saliva is the best WWE band of all time. And you can see them in Bossier City this month.

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