I am sure that headline has come as shock to the majority of you. The fact that we might actually believe that the color of one's hair would determine intelligence actually might put us in the not-so-bright category. Granted, there are examples of blondes being less than intelligent, Kellie Pickler and Jessica Simpson come to mind, we know it's not true.

Here comes the science part so be careful, you might learn something. According to those who study DNA and our genetic code that give us our individual traits, the difference between hair color is simply one letter in our genetic code. The genetic code that determines hair color and eye color is only skin deep in the general scheme of how DNA figures out how we'll look.

Perhaps the stereotype that allows us to believe that blondes are less intelligent than their brunette or auburn haired counterparts is more linked to the entertainment business than actual science. When you consider which actresses in particular happen to be blonde and play less than intelligent creatures that is the reason. That's why the concept of the dumb blonde is more Hollywood make-believe than real life.

How do we know? Let's take Ms Pickler and Ms Simpson. If you take a look at how they have managed to use their most memorable blonde looks to create a very nice living for themselves it's very hard to call either one of those ladies less than brilliant.

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