Scott Ian recently stopped by our studio to discuss his new project Motor Sister, but the veteran metal guitarist also took some time to talk about Anthrax's recent Grammy loss in the Best Metal Performance category to comedy duo Tenacious D, as well as the band's contribution to the Game of Thrones' 'Catch the Throne' mixtape.

When Tenacious D beat out Anthrax, Slipknot, Motorhead and Mastodon for the Best Metal Performance Grammy for their cover of Dio's 'The Last in Line,' there was understandable uproar from the metal community. How could a comedy duo beat out four legit metal bands for the coveted honor?

All in all, Scott Ian says he doesn't really care about the Grammys, but when we pressed him a bit, he did admit it was odd that Tenacious D were even nominated in the category to begin with. "If anyone has a problem with Tenacious D, I think that's ridiculous ... If there's a backlash against the way the Grammys operate, yes, I agree, the whole thing is f--ked up." See him delve further into the topic in the video above.

In the interview, Ian also discusses the track 'Soror Irrumator,' which Anthrax recently contributed to the Game of Thrones' 'Catch the Throne Mixtape 2.' He talks about the inspiration for the song, and jokes about lyrics that he said he'd never consider for the track.

Check out our interview with Scott Ian above. In the meantime, Anthrax continue to work on their new album, and are getting ready to kick off a tour with Volbeat.

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