It could be one of the most startling statistics you will read this year.

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According to, an estimated 2,300 children become missing every day in the United States.

According to the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Thrownaway Children program, there are five categories of episodes that can cause children to become missing:

  • Benign reasons (i.e. misunderstandings)
  • Ran away/thrown away
  • Lost, stranded, or injured
  • Family abduction
  • Stranger abduction

Regardless of the reason that a child becomes missing, parents, guardians, anyone with the child's best interests at heart, would like to know that the child is safe and receiving the best care until they can be returned to their home.

These youngsters are in the most vulnerable stage of their lives.  In some cases, they make bad decisions, but in many cases, they've been exploited by America's most evil criminals.

In the last month, reports that here in Louisiana, another four kids have gone missing.  That means there are possibly four sets of parents, groups of friends, or siblings that don't know where their loved one will lay their head tonight and that they are safe and not being exploited.

The least that we can do is take a second to glance at these photos and if any of these pictures looks even vaguely familiar, please contact 911 immediately and report it.

It's a problem that won't fix itself, but maybe all of us working together can put a smile back on the face of a missing child.

Louisiana Kids That Have Disappeared Since Feb. 1, 2023

Sometimes these babies make bad decisions and disappear on their own accord. However, human trafficking is such a huge issue in Louisiana now, we can only assume the worst for these kids who might have been exploited by some of America's most evil criminals. Please take a look at these photos and contact authorities if you believe you know the whereabouts of one or more of these kids.

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