Sen. John Kennedy had a scathing response to President Joe Biden's address to the nation Wednesday night, a speech calling for more government control of virtually every aspect of American life.

The GOP Senator, who recently criticized the President and programs that call for massive government spending by saying, "I never dreamed Biden would be left of Lenin," was just as harsh in commenting on Biden's Wednesday night speech.

"President Biden spoke tonight," said Kennedy," Frankly, he could have used only thirty seconds

"All he had to do was come out, say, 'Good evening, I'm President Biden...I want you to send all of your money and all of your freedom to Washington because the federal government knows how to spend your money and exercise your freedom better than you do."

In a post-speech news release, Louisiana's junior Senator doubled down on his denunciation. “President Biden tonight called for a massive intervention by the federal government into the lives of the American people. He wants to dominate, through the federal government - America socially, culturally, spiritually, and economically. It is clear that the president believes that government made America great. He is so wrong. People made American great - ordinary people, doing extraordinary things. I was very disappointed in his message, and I’ve been very disappointed in his record.”

Kennedy's disapproval of Biden and his administration was no less harsh in his video response. "He is a modest man," concluded Kennedy, "With much to be modest about."

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