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Things got heated inside the auditorium at Dillard University in New Orleans where the candidates for Senate talked about the issues. Things got heated outside too, as protesters staged a demonstration against the inclusion of David Duke on the debate stage.

During the debate, Duke came under attack early as Caroline Fayard said "children asked me if there is a bad guy I was running against and I said yes. His name is David Duke. Unfortunately he's on the stage tonight and as a result the eyes of the nation and the world are upon us. This snake has slithered out of the swamp. But I'm here to tell those children and everybody who cares about the future of this state that on November 8th the voters of Louisiana are going to cut the head off of his hatred once and for all."

The Associated Press reported several dozen protesters gathered on a New Orleans college campus and marched around an auditorium where former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was included in the debate at the historically black university. About 60 to 70 protesters carried signs and chanted "No Duke. No K-K-K, no fascist USA" and other sayings critical of Duke and of his being allowed to participate in the debate. The group then gathered at a doorway, chanting "Let us in, Let us in!" after they were refused entry into the auditorium.

A tight knot of people around one entrance to the auditorium suddenly scattered, some yelling that they had been "maced" or pepper sprayed.

That outburst was quickly followed by several protesters attempting to force their way in through an open door. They were fought back by police.

There were no apparent injuries. Some protesters were seen using bottled water to flush their eyes.