Senator Greg Tarver who rarely speaks on the Senate floor, got up to honor his old friend William Jefferson on the Senate Floor on Thursday (6/10/21). The person introducing Senator Tarver brought up the fact that the Senator rarely speaks on the floor stating "Senator Tarver, it took 40 years and Congressman Jefferson to come out of your shell and talk on the mic twice in the same day?"  To which Senator Tarver replied "Once in a while I'll do that.... But, I don't come out of a shell. I come out of a casket!"

That line was enough for us to dig up an interview KEEL had with Tarver on the Robert & Erin Show back in 2019. Robert and Erin were questioning Tarver about his residency in Shreveport. Tarver was, at the time claiming that the funeral home he operates is his legal residence. When Erin questioned whether or not he actually slept at the funeral home, Tarver responded by admitting that from time-to-time he would take naps in the empty caskets.

Needless to say, that admittance was the talk of that entire week, and even spawned a parody-style song about Tarver sleeping in caskets written by Robert & Erin Show producer Rueben Wright (video above). Erin's cackling can be heard throughout.

The clip of Senator Greg Tarver cracking the casket joke had us laughing all morning.

If you want to sing along, below are the lyrics to "The Greg Tarver Mash"!

when the weight of the day grew heavy on his spine

He crept down to the showroom and opened a lid

And in to the casket feet-first he slid

(He took a nap)

He took a coffin nap (A coffin nap)

The lid closed with a snap (He took a nap)

I hope he doesn't get trapped (He took a nap)

He took a coffin nap

Out of the closed box the snores did ring

Not a care in the world except for just one thing

He opened his eyes. and threw open the lid and said "Whatever happened to Barbra Norton's wigs?"



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