The new single from Jack White's latest effort 'Blunderbuss' is 'Freedom at 21', and Jack pulls out all the stops in this one. Directed by Hype Williams in a nod to Tarantino & Rodriguez, White serves up a Grindhouse style story of (female) Cop chases man...(female) cop catches man...(female) cop has her way with man in the slammer.

Pay close attention, because not only does White do his own stunts in the video (behind the wheel, and with aforementioned female cop), but there's a cameo at the end of the video you don't want to miss. Suck it down:

Great video and great song aside, I know you're asking yourself, "Who is that hot cop?" Her name is Brittany Colombo, and you can see more of her here. Oh, and the cameo at the end...for those who don't recognize's Josh Homme of The Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, and Eagles of Death Metal.