Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator says people need to know more about what is included in the Justice Reinvestment Program in Louisiana. Prator says several crimes that he considers violent are now considered non violent. He also tells us penalties for several violent offenses have been reduced significantly.

Prator cites a few examples "a home invasion with a weapon WAS a 5 year minimum sentence. Now the offender can get a one year minimum and that can be probated."

Sheriff Prator urges you to read the document which you can find right here

Prator says the bill also removes several serious crimes from the list of violent crimes. Illegal use of a weapon (someone shooting a gun without hitting someone), mingling harmful substances (putting a poison or a date rape drug into someone else's drink) and extortion are no longer considered violent crimes.

The Sheriff says he's still waiting to see funding for the state to impliment programs to help inmates who are released early.

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