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Let's face it - what looks like a "Phase 2 Christmas" is quickly approaching.  We're most likely not going to join our loved ones (at least the non-immediate ones) for the annual Yuletide celebration.  That means a smaller holiday at home, reaching out to family through technology like web-conferencing services like ZOOM, and lots of shipping.

Whether you're ordering from an online source like Amazon or buying local (great choice) and packing it up yourself - if you miss the deadline to get it to your intended target, you miss the magic.  Sure, a gift is a gift and it can be awesome any day of the year - but there's nothing like getting the perfect present first thing on Christmas morning.

Luckily, you've got roughly 2 weeks from today before you hit the danger zone.  The US Postal Service, UPS, and FEDEX have all released their last days to ship dates.  Of course, the15th of December is just the last day to ship if you want it there by Christmas using their regular ground service.  You can certainly get it there faster (up to Christmas Day in some cases) if you're ready to pay the piper.  The FEDEX same day rate for a 10 pound package from Shreveport to Plano, Texas (where my mom lives),  on December 25th is $654.

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