If you are into hurting animals, than please - go away.  Seriously, not only is it a sign of possible mental issues - it's a sign that I (and most of society) don't like you and would like for you to stay away.  Since that is not an option, what about helping us stay away from you?

A number of states, like Tennessee, are adopting a new law that would require people convicted of crimes against animals to register their names and addresses with a publicly accessible database upon release from any jail sentence they are serving.  This registry works in the same way the sex offender database works, and for the same reason.  I wouldn't want to leave my dogs in the back yard if my neighbor went to jail for cruelty to animals.

Animal Abusers that have been convicted must pay a $50 registration fine. If they are 18 or older, they must provide a recent picture of them self (mugshots work nicely). If they fail to register, it's a $1000 fine and a year in prison.

Check out the registry here.

I would love to see this in Louisiana, how about you?

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