There is another call to bring a law school to Shreveport Bossier. State Representative Cedric Glover has proposed a measure to locate a law school at Southern University in Shreveport.

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Glover says

Within an hour or so drive along the I-10 Corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans are four law schools. From Baton Rouge north to Little Rock, west to Dallas and east to Jackson there are none. Downtown Shreveport sits at the epicenter of this huge region where the southeast meets the southwest.

The lack of a law school in this vast expanse has been long lamented and serves as yet another reminder of the longstanding overall higher educational inadequacies of the third largest metropolitan region in Louisiana.

This issue has come up before. Glover says it was tried back in the 90's twice, but failed each time. The Shreveport Rep says he's going to mount a strong third attempt to get this bill passed.

Glover says he is beginning to see "unprecedented support, at multiple levels aligning from Baton Rouge to Shreveport to now do that which should have long been done."

He adds "success is still not guaranteed. Many pitfalls and traps are still ahead, but as a wise man told me often, 'Nothing beats failure but a try.” His bill is HCR 24.

The measure asks the Board of Regents to study how the state can best meet the legal educational needs of students and the economic and workforce development needs of the Shreveport-Bossier region, including meeting these needs through establishing a campus of the Southern Univ. Law Center in Shreveport, and submit a written report of findings and recommendations to the House and Senate education committees by not later than 90 days prior to the 2020 R.S.

Larry Bagley, Kenny Cox, Patrick O. Jefferson and Barbara Norton have signed on as co-authors of this legislation.

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