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Just in case the day slipped up on you and you forgot to plan the parade to celebrate their greatness, today is National Bubba Day!

Here in the South, just about everyone's got a Bubba in their family! (They just don't talk about him much)  Of course, Bubba is a term of endearment used primarily for the older brother in the family by his younger siblings.

Well, today we celebrate Bubba in all his glorious "Bubbaness!"  Generally speaking, Bubba is trustworthy, kind, loyal, resourceful, courteous and deserving of all our respect; though, on occasion, his real redneck shines through.

Nationally speaking, there are some incredibly famous Bubbas. There's Bubba Watson, Bubba Smith, Bubba Wallace, Bubba the Love Sponge and Bubba Stewart.

But just like Chris Young sings in the song "Famous Friends" , we might have some famous friends other people have never heard of.  Let me restate that, we've got some famous "Bubbas" others might have never heard of.

I took to Facebook to get people to name the most famous "Bubba" around our neck of the woods and we got some great ones, so here's a huge shoutout to all those lucky enough to be called "Bubba!"

  • Frank "Bubba" England
  • Bubba Winningham
  • Bubba Ash
  • Bubba Locke
  • Bubba Toney
  • Bubba O'Reilly
  • Bubba Broyles
  • Bubba Conly
  • Bubba Woods
  • Bubba Sheffield
  • Bubba Hattaway
  • Johnny "Bubba" Digilormo
  • Bubba Caldwell
  • Bubba Mercer
  • Bubba Williams
  • Bubba Lee
  • Bubba Jones
  • Bubba Blunt
  • Bubba Nichols
  • Bubba Windham
  • Bubba McEachern
  • Bubba Heath
  • Bubba Kneipp
  • Bubba Ray Stahl
  • Bubba Lorenzen
  • Bubba Cella
  • Bubba Berry

Hey guys, today's your day, so let your Bubbaness shine!

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