Julianna Gouthiere is an eleven year old from Shreveport who has started her own charity. Juliana and her brother, Joey, have their own charities. It makes you wonder about what you were doing at the age of eleven, doesn't it? When Julianna was only six years old she with the help of her parents started Bear Share. Bear Shares collects new stuffed animals for area kids. The stuffed animals are given to local law enforcement agencies (police and fire departments) and area hospitals. Authorities with those agencies give the stuffed animals to children who could use the comfort of a new friend. Imagine being a child who has lost everything in a house fire or who has to spend each day and night in the hospital. Bear Share is committed to providing comfort to those kids.

To date, Julianna has collected and donated over 14,800 stuffed animals in seven states and three different countries, but she is not done yet! On Monday, April 30th Julianna will donate 150 stuffed animals to the Shreveport Fire Department making her total 15,000 stuffed animals. This is a huge milestone and also the fifth anniversary of her charity. This is the perfect way to celebrate the anniversary.

If you would like to donate a new stuffed animal to Bear Share call (318) 820-0295 or email juliannasbearshare@yahoo.com.

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