A family in North Shreveport trying to sell a puppy was ambushed on Thursday night.  The unnamed family had arranged the sale online, and was under the impression that they were meeting up to complete the sale when they were attacked in the Mooretown neighborhood on Lyba street around 6:00 pm.  According to MyArkLaMiss.com, that's when Gunfire directed at the family erupted, and their 5-year was hit.  The unnamed family suffered non-life threatening injuries.  Shreveport Police are investigating the situation and searching for the gunman.

Unfortunately, this type of situation is all to common this time of year.  As people search for the perfect Christmas gift, they sometimes forget the simple steps to protect themselves from criminals that use online sales on Facebook, eBay, and the like to lure victims to a place of their choosing.  Authorities say that by using the correct strategy, buying things from strangers on the internet can be much safer.

Several "safe spaces"  for these kinds of exchanges exist in pretty much any city.  The obvious one is in the parking lot of the police or sheriff's station.  There are lots spread throughout the Shreveport / Bossier City area, and all offer a ready supply of law enforcement to keep you safe and video surveillance to help identify any would be grinches looking to rob you of the money, merchandise, or both.

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