A new trend in social clubs has arisen in Canada and the Northeast part of the U.S. that I think we desperately need in the Shreveport / Bossier City area.  I've been to sports bars that have games like darts, beer pong, corn hole, and so forth - and that's cool and all (shout out Sandbar), but the new jam is axe throwing.  It's a lot like darts but approximately 500% more awesome.

Canada-based Bad Axe Throwing is bringing the concept to America this year in D.C., and it looks awesome!  The setup is simple: Bowling-alley style lanes and pricing with dart style scoring.  The club will charge around $20 per person per hour for a lane and some axes (unless you have your own for some reason).  The proprietors say it only takes a couple of throws to get the hang of things, and you really don't need any special training.  They even have leagues, a championship, and an international organization that regulates tournaments!  Think  about it: You could potentially win a giant trophy with an ax on top!

There are rules and regulations that you have to follow for everyone's safety, but it's mostly common sense stuff like "don't throw the axe if someone walks in front of the target," or "don't open beers with the axes" - but there are a couple of pointers on their website here.

Check out the finer points of hurling the lumberjack's best friend below.

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