Congratulations Shreveport, we did it, we were successful in attracting Torchy's Taco, aren't you happier these days with our latest addition? Don't you think there are other businesses that could come into town and make us all even happier than we are?

I am a huge fan of two buck chucks, they bring me so much happiness, it isn't my favorite go-to wine, but when you start with a "$2" bottle of wine and ease into a $12 bottle of wine, that $12 bottle tastes like heaven. I use two buck chucks for science experiments, which normally end in me singing Shania Twain to my dog in the middle of the living room. I love science.

What do I love more than "science"? I love Trader Joe's. The coffee selection, the hummus, the cookie butter, so many delicious items, and most of the time I am shocked at the checkout line. I am convinced it's going to be super expensive and then my bank account gives me the green light when the total comes up. Trader Joe's is always a win.

Most of the time when I visit friends in Dallas I go to Trader Joe's and stock up on wine and yum yum's. Why should we have to wait for a mini road trip to enjoy the beauty of Trader Joe's?

There's a Facebook group in Shreveport dedicated to bringing Trader Joe's to the SBC. Did you know all we have to do is request a Trader Joe's? Many community groups are trying to ban together to make it happen. Including several members from the South Highlands neighborhood. You can fill out a request to bring Trader Joe's by clicking here. Let's bring Trader Joe's to the SBC.

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