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Christmas just got a little merrier for all full time and part time employees of the City of Shreveport.

This past Friday, the Shreveport City Council voted 6-1 to issue a one-time payment of $1,000 to all full time Shreveport employees and a $500 one-time payment of all part time employees.

We learned that the only vote against the payment was cast by Shreveport City Councilman, John Nickelson, who said Louisiana's state constitution bars cities from paying bonuses to city employees and he felt this payment qualified as a bonus.

However, councilman James Flurry explained that the payment is being considered hazard pay for all employees who have worked during the coronavirus pandemic. It was certainly not a "bonus" and the money was taken from more than $2 million in sales tax revenue excess.

In a story first reported by KSLA, we learn that the city still contends there isn't enough money for a permanent pay raise for these employees, but the city would make these one-time payments to each employee before Christmas.

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