You can't sit on a patio in the Ark-La-Tex without hearing someone rev up their engine. It's one of the most frustrating things about living in our area, what does someone have to prove when it comes to revving their engine?

At least I've never gotten stuck behind a drag race on Clyde Fant.

Shreveport City Council members are determined to put an end to an issue that they claim is consuming the city. Council members Tabatha Taylor, and John Nickelson teamed up and proposed a new section to the city’s code of ordinances. The ordinance was proposed at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

What do Shreveport Council members want to see happen to people that get caught drag racing? Possible jail time.

According to Shreveport Times, Shreveport Councilwoman Tabitha Taylor said that "racing is taking place all over the city, specifically Clyde Fant Parkway, South Lakeshore Drive, downtown Shreveport, Shreve City, the Martin Luther King Drive area, and North Market Street.".

How intense is this proposed ordinance? Here is how it breaks down. It's a $500 penalty for a first offense and it doubles to $1,000 for a second offense. However, any following offense could result in a $1,000 fine and up to 30 days imprisonment, and in some cases both.

Have we had ordinances in place that were much too relaxed? After seeing the proposed ordinance I wonder if we have been much too relaxed with ordinances that it leads to a lack of fear of consequences?

Do you think this ordinance should get the support of the rest of the City Council?

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