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Surely by now you've seen the stunning Bakowski Bridge of Lights spanning the mighty Red River.  The newly-lit bridge that connects Shreveport and Bossier is illuminated by 13,000 bright and colorful LED lights that transform the structure into an incredible light show.

Young children doing art at a neighborhood fair.

To make sure that we get the chance to enjoy this marvel, the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) is kicking off the first of many SBC Glo Fests this Friday.  The event is perfect for the entire family and will feature light shows designed by Certified Student Designers, 4th Graders, and public visitors!

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You won't go hungry during the party, either - an entire gallery of food trucks will be on hand.  Since the incredibly captivating light shows on the bridge don't start until dark (9 pm), there will also be tons of entertainment including live music and an arts market, too.

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The 1st Glo Fest starts at 7 pm this Friday at the Riverfront Plaza in downtown Shreveport.  Organizers with the festival suggest parking between the Sci-Port Discovery and the J. Bennett Johnston Visitor Center or in the Bally’s Garage.  According to a report from the Shreveport Times, the SRAC will host a Glo Fest every month through January of 2023.

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