Did you know flushable wipes are not actually flushable? According to Chris Warren with Shreveport's Pretreatment Office, they -- along with a long list of other items -- should not go down your toilet.

"The City of Shreveport works really hard to keep all of its water and sewer infrastructure working properly," Warren said. "We feel it's important to bring awareness to the public about any issues."

Enter the 'Can't Flush This' Campaign. It's a reminder that there are many things we shouldn't be flushing -- like paper towels, plastic items, candy and food wrappers and pharmaceuticals. The list also includes diapers, feminine hygiene products, and aquarium gravel or kitty litter.

"When these do go down in our system, they tend to cause blockages and harm the lift station pumps, which results in back-ups and sewer overflows," Warren said. "It's quite a health hazard and an environmental hazard, as well."

Not only that, but it can lead to costly repairs. Warren said the easiest thing to remember is...only flush toilet paper.