We're thinking there's one very big roadblock at play here.

Well folks, we're about a week into the new year and the new decade. It's exciting and challenging at the same time. For some of us we're still holding onto those old habits of the past year, much like the Christmas decorations that still haven't been put up.

It's not easy breaking old habits and establishing new ones.

To make things even more unfair, it seems like the place you live can have an affect on your success. Recently, WalletHub compiled a list of the "Best and Worst Cities for Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions." After looking at key metrics like gyms per capita, income growth, and employment outlook, they found that some cities are better suited for success than others.

Shreveport was pretty low on the list at number 180.

That was out of 182 total cities that were analyzed. Needless we struggled a bit, but I don't think it's our fault. We jump from the holiday season right into the Mardi Gras season. It's the biggest party of the year and one that we are not willing to change nor apologize for.

So, while the rest of the nation wants to deprive themselves and be miserable, we'll be over here letting the good time roll. It's not our fault that we love to have fun. As for those pesky resolutions? We'll see those in the spring.

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